• Sam w SingleCell Animation

I'm Entering the NFT world

As a digital artist, the NFT space is extremely exciting, and I’ll be diving in to see what it’s all about!!!

It gives us a platform to showcase our personal work in ways I’ve never experienced. Giving us an opportunity to reach a broader audience, connect with enthusiasts and collectors across the globe.

The feeling I get from others taking an interest to my work is like no other.

Over the past few years, I have promoted my business through personal projects of mine, and the response has been great. Thousands of people find the content interesting enough to follow Single Cell’s accounts. Some folks actually take time to reach out with compliments, and that’s a very rewarding feeling. It gives me confidence entering into this new space…

I have an opportunity to explore ideas on different terms, a chance to open up my imagination, and step outside this little box I might be in...

Let's see where it goes.